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Africa Imports is the largest wholesale supplier in the US of African Clothing, Jewelry, Accessories, Beauty Products, Artwork & Musical Instruments.

With over 20 years of experience with African products and a passionate team of knowledgeable and dedicated people, Africa Imports can help you succeed in the African business of your dreams. We offer what no one else can; between 70 and 200 new products to choose from every month, so you’ll always find something new to introduce to your customers.
Africa Imports also provides an abundance of information, free tools, and training for small businesses and entrepreneurs selling African products in the US. You don't need to purchase from us to get this knowledge. Most of this information is free and available at

While the main goal of Africa Imports is to help our customers create their own African businesses with a better income for themselves, the success of our customers gives additional opportunities and financial help to the craftspeople in Africa who make the products. By bringing thousands of African creations to the global market, we are creating real change with a sustainable income for hundreds of small business people in Africa.

In addition, we also give a percentage of every purchase to orphan care in Africa. To date, we have contributed over $1.5 million and helped approximately 250 children with basic needs like food, medicine, and housing in the Republic of Congo, Tanzania, and Senegal. We are closely connected with these children and have personal long-term relationships with about 60 adults who help these children and others in African.

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240 S Main Street, Ste A South Hackensack, NJ, USA

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