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AFRIKIN 2020: Love Is The Way Forward
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Do you like the programming we present with AFRIKIN®? Sharing is caring, and we are asking any donation you can offer so that we can continue to raise the profile of the African diaspora. Thank you in advance for your generosity:

During our next interactions, we would like to discuss how as facilitators, we can help our families, friends, colleagues and those we come in contact with, learn more about developing qualities such as genuine empathy, humility, respect, self control and other fundamental characteristics necessary for a peaceful existence. We are also addressing practical ways that AFRIKIN® with participating organizations and global teams can become facilitators in this important work.Ongoing dialogue and group work sessions on this cultivation process is a necessity in order to move forward into the phases of healing. From this point, we can then consider how to construct workshops for adults and families to accomplish goals such as working toward economic self-sufficiency through anti-poverty planning. We can all contribute in doing the research to identify organizations that could be instrumental in this investment initiative for the formulation of cottage industries, small businesses and in the strategic use of local resources. Our goal of learning to cultivate the quality of love is attainable. Let’s stay connected to help each other through this pivotal action.

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