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Experience the Culture of West Africa! Taste wonderful foods from Ghana and Nigeria!

Thursday August 20th, 6:00PM-8:00PM

Guest Chef: Gabi Odebode

Gabi is a cooking instructor, personal chef, and a caterer who specializes in African (West African) and Carribean cuisine in the Cincinnati, Dayton and Columbus Area in Ohio!

Chef Gabi Odebode was born and raised in Ghana in the western part of Africa. She has been cooking for 15 years. She has learned from great home cooks and chefs from both America and Africa. Gabi has taken culinary courses in food, nutrition, and international cuisine. The courses she took, and the chefs and home cooks not only taught her how to cook, but helped her to understand the art of food, flavor profiles, textures, and other culinary skills. In her 15 years of cooking, she spent most of her years learning how to cook African food in Ghana and continued when she immigrated to the United States. In the United States, Chef Gabi learned how to cook other meals from different African countries. Aside from cooking African meals, Gabi also loves to develop and experiment with different recipes. She also enjoys fusing different cultural food together to create a new recipe. She has introduced and taught many Americans and non-Americans African food and cooking and the response was great. Gabi is always excited to give individuals the African experience through her cooking. Currently, she teaches in different cooking schools in Ohio; The Learning Kitchen Cooking School, Turner Farm Cooking School, and The Little City Cooking School!

In this class, Chef Gabi will bring you the flavors of her homeland, a taste of West Africa by preparing some of the popular foods from West Africa! She will start the evening with her most popular dish, which is West African fried rice. Prepare to taste the famous Dodo (sweet plantains), and Efo (sautéed spinach and bell peppers). She will finish the class with a dessert very well-known not only in West Africa but all of Africa known as Puff Puff (African Vegan Donuts)! Samples and Recipes provided!

Cost: $10 per person.

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