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What is the New Africa Convention?

The New Africa Convention, formerly named the We Buy Black convention focused primarily on producing, sustaining, controlling and improving the economic state of the Black community. As we set and expand our vision, the New Africa Convention will focus not only on business and economics, but on the four fundamental facets of our life: Business, Education, Government and Culture. Our intention is to come together as a community to promote the good of what’s being produced in these facets of our life and to work collectively to achieve more goodness. New Africa is the physical manifestation of the African American’s collective desire to produce a dynamic and quality life for ourselves, to be in control and govern our full life here in America.

Who's presenting the convention?

The New Africa Convention is presented by We Buy Black, the fastest growing movement to help establish economic dignity in the Black community. Come view over 130 excellent Black owned vendors, attend our transformative workshops, and network with thousands of people all with a common vision: To do for self and be in control of our life.

Final Comments: This weekend is packed with human excellence and we need all our supporters to show up and show out! If you are serious about supporting the Black community and ensuring that our next generations are set on an equal playing field with the world, the New Africa Convention is a "MUST ATTEND" event for you.


Friday, August 28th, 2020
10am - 6pm Hall A: Event Vending
3pm - 6pm Hall A: Fashion Show
6pm - 10pm Ballroom: New Africa Gala 2020

Saturday, August 29, 2020 - Hall A:
10am - 6pm Hall A: Event Vending
6pm - 10pm Ballroom: Live Concert

Sunday, August 30th, 2020 - Hall A -
10am - 6pm Hall A: Event Vending
3pm - 6pm Hall A: Step Show Competition

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by Shareef Abdul-Malik

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    2000 Convention Center Concourse Atlanta, GA United States

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2000 Convention Center Concourse Atlanta, GA United States

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