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Established in 2017.

About House of Tadu (pronounced - "e-ne-b-la") is a courteous word that you would hear walking into a family home or restaurant while people are eating meals. It means "let us eat together" or "join us for this meal". It is a profound way of inviting the person to join them to share a meal. As sharing is the center of the communal Ethiopian culture, the word reflects on similar aspect. Similar to expressions like "the more; the merrier" you would hear the word repeatedly being said to friends, family, or even strangers during meals. It is a heartfelt gesture, and whether there is enough food to accommodate is irrelevant-as meal of any size is meant to be shared. We are thrilled to bring House of Tadu to the mission bay area. Tadu at mission bay will be serving breakfast, lunch, dinner as well as freshly brewed coffee, local and Ethiopian beers and wines. Our spacious living room will be able to accommodate groups of any size with love.

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    1120 4th St San Francisco, CA, USA

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1120 4th St San Francisco, CA, USA

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