Moving to the United States is a long process. As one of half a million immigrants from Nigeria, you probably feel like you’ve finally crossed the finish line. In fact, there’s still a ton to learn as a new U.S. resident! Courtesy of Afrikagora, here are 10 things you didn’t know about living in the U.S.


International Everything is More Expensive

In other parts of the world, you can cross multiple national borders in a day’s drive. Not here! The U.S. is huge and traveling outside the country is costly too.

– The best way to save on flights to and from Nigeria is to be flexible. Check nearby airports and compare prices across currencies. It may be cheaper to fly a relative to you than vice versa.

– When it comes to sending care packages to Nigeria, choose the smallest parcel possible and use online tools to find the lowest rates.

– Even sending money is expensive, with transfer fees up to $50.


Some Amenities Aren’t the Same

Things in the U.S. may work differently than in your home country. Here are three common issues that trip up new immigrants.

– One frequent comment is how confusing our sales tax system Tax isn’t added until checkout and tax rates vary across states.

– You’ll have trouble catching a bus or train in many places. Public transportation is limited outside cities, so get a driver’s license as soon as possible.

– Don’t forget health insurance! If you don’t have insurance through your job, apply for coverage on the Health Insurance Marketplace.


But the Opportunities Are Incredible!

Despite the challenges, there’s a lot to love about living in the U.S.

– Want to go back to school to start a new career? Eligible non-citizens qualify for federal student aid for college.

– Immigrant families qualify for the same home loans as citizens too. That includes low down payment FHA loans.

– Real estate is expensive but appreciates quickly. There are bargains like “as is” properties that may be listed that way for reasons that come with minimal risk.

– And there’s lots of help along the way! Afrikagora is the ultimate online directory for Africans living in the U.S, with directories, guides, and classifieds.

The U.S. isn’t the easiest to move to, but it’s the #2 destination for Nigerians moving abroad. There’s a learning curve when moving to the U.S, but don’t let that deter you! Nothing worth doing is easy, and the rewards could make up for the work.


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