This piece might rattle some Americans, but to be fair, the thoughts expressed herein are from an American about fellow Americans. Just think of it as Americans looking at themselves in the mirror, and take it with the light note it deserves.

Now that we got that ‘heads up’ out of the way let us talk about the comments AJ Johnson said while on the talk show, Out Loud With Claudia Jordan on Fox Soul. Johnson, the former actor, turned life coach shared her story from her earlier days in acting, turning to life coach as a career, and her muscular frame that she says some find too masculine.

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However, what turned heads and spark emotive conversations, was the experience Johnson had while working in the African country of Ghana. Cupid’s arrow hit the bull’s eye on Johnson’s heart while in Africa, she met a Ghanaian man, who made her re-evaluate American lovers.

African Men Court, American Men ‘Kick it.’

On the show, Johnson spoke about how she met this dark chocolate, tall, and young man in Ghana. Well, that type of man is not unique only to Ghana, there are plenty of those to go around in America, and possibly the world over.

What stood out about this man for AJ Johnson is how strikingly different he approached the whole issue of dating. It was nothing like what she was used to with men back in the U.S.

This is what I’ll say. I’ve learned that American men ‘kick it.’ African men court. African men commit. That difference alone for me took me from ‘kicking it with somebody to feeling chosen,”  said Johnson.

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One thing that struck in Johnson while on that show, is how much she praised her Ghanaian man for his courtship. The man was courting her; making the pursuit, going out of his way to make her feel wanted, showing her his commitment to the relationship.

To me, as Americans, as African-American women, what I’m used to is, you grow in the relationship and then say you’re together. Well, the commitment came first, and now we’re moving into a year of working through it and talking. I’ve never felt so chosen. That’s the word! Because I’m the one that’s going.”

For Jordan, the feeling of being chosen (picked out of the crowd) is something she has never felt while in a relationship with an American man. She expressed how tough finding love in Los Angeles can be, using the word ‘difficult.’

She says the same thing can be found wherever she goes across America, be it L.A., the South, or Midwest. According to her, dating in the United States is shallow.

I found that in the country, I don’t care where I went, Chicago, Atlanta, I was more recognized for my career than my soul. I was more approached based on recognition and celebrity more than what my God life was like that day.

So it was really, really nice to meet someone, and the first ten minutes he said, ‘I did my research, and I would love to explore who you are more. I’d like to commit to you.’ I was like; I’m from New Jersey, what does that mean?”

The Ghanaian man looks after not only her love and relationship needs but also her spiritual fulfillment.

I’ll tell you what’s also different. To me, the expression of love is different. I am used to the snuggly, physical, intimate love, and that’s growing, but what I really feel loved by is that he pays attention to my passions and what I want to do.

He loves the fact that I’m deep into philanthropy and my spirit’s very giving, so he’s helped me build a lot of philanthropic platforms in Ghana.”

You can watch the recording of the show by clicking on the video below. [Starts at 8:30]


And where do I get my hands on an African man?

If AJ Johnson has convinced you that African men are the ones that will remind you of genuine love, relationship, and spiritual connection. The next question would be, where to find an African man? Well, Africa would be a nice place to start! For AJ Johnson, that meant taking a trip to Ghana, but it does not have to be that expensive and time consuming for you.

Just go to where you are likely to find your pick of African men, without taking an expensive trip to Africa. Below we have listed a number of top restaurants in New York and Atlanta, where you are likely to find an African man drawn to the restaurant by homesickness and the need to quench that thirst through a plate of his native food. The ball is now in your court!

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