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Let’s say you’ve planned the perfect Christmas dinner party, but you forget to tell your family and friends about it. How do you think your dinner party would turn out?

Just like a Christmas dinner party, the success of your event is heavily reliant on your expected guests seeing or hearing about it and spreading the word.

This is where event promotion comes in.

Boost Ticket Sales on Facebook

You may spend lots of money putting together an amazing event, booking the best venues and procuring the best entertainers. However, if you fail to create buzz around that event, don’t expect to fill very many seats.

Thankfully, Facebook offers event organizers an excellent way of getting people to notice, spread the word and even register to attend your next event.

Assuming that you’ve already organized, planned and set up your event, this article now shows you how to promote and advertise it on Facebook.

Create an Event Page on Facebook

The page you create for your event will do much of the selling for you on Facebook. Ideally, the page will:

  • Attract would-be event-goers to your event. So, it should be visually interesting- include attractive event colors and images
  • Answer any questions that your potential guests might have about the event. Thus, the page ought to display all the essential details such as the venue and start time as well as other unique, engaging descriptions of the event.
  • Boost ticket sales by building a steady tempo such that people actually look forward to the event

How to Create an Event Facebook Page

It’s incredibly easy to create a Facebook page for your event- even if you’re doing it for the very first time.

Step 1: Click on “Events” from the explore menu on the left side of your Facebook home page

Boost ticket sales on Facebook

Once it’s clicked on, the events button lets you see nearby events as well as other events which your friends are interested in.

Step 2: “create event”

Boost ticket sales on Facebook

You can create your event by clicking on either of two buttons- one is at the top-middle and the other at the bottom-left of the page

Step 3: make your event public

Boost ticket sales on Facebook

Making an event pubic exposes it to as many audiences as possible.

Step 4: upload an event photo

Boost ticket sales on Facebook

Step 5: Add basic info about your event

Boost ticket sales on Facebook

Step 6: Add advanced details of your event

Boost ticket sales on Facebook

Finally, click “create”

Boost ticket sales on Facebook

Advertising Your Event on Facebook

If your event page is well-presented, it will help you boost ticket sales for your event. However, that’s not just enough. Pulling off a successful event calls for excellent marketing. Fortunately, Facebook can help with that also.

Paid advertising is one of the services that Facebook provides. Through paid advertising, you can promote your event to people in a particular location.

Your ad can even be targeted to people of a certain age-group. If, for instance, you’d prefer middle-aged guests to attend, you can target your Facebook ad so that it’s mainly seen by Facebook users who are aged between 40 and 65 years of age!

And that’s not all; there’s just so much that Facebook advertising can do to promote your event.

List Your Event Online

Facebook marketing is a surefire way of getting potential attendees to the door of your event. However, your event promotion efforts shouldn’t begin and end on Facebook. Several other tactics can be employed to make your event a success.

It’s also important to remember that you may not be able to get people in the doors on your own. So, you need professional event marketing help.

Such is the help that online event listing sites provide.

Listing your event online is one of the easiest, fastest ways of building awareness and attracting attendees to your event.

Think of listing your event as hanging flyers around town telling people about your event. Only that you won’t be doing it yourself- the listing website will be doing for you!

Listing your event will also reach online audiences who might not be on social media. Most of these audiences are people who, for instance, use google to find exciting events near them.

Some of the finest event listing websites like Afrikagora do much more than merely listing your event. Afrikagora, for example, uses unique online and social marketing tactics to build hype both on the web and on such social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

About Afrikagora

Afrikagora offers Africans in the diaspora an inexpensive and effective way to connect, interact and even do business globally.

The event listing segment on the website has been specially designed to expose your event to a broad audience without you having to put in too much effort, money or time into promoting your event.

Take advantage of the event listing platform on Afrikagora now to promote your event to a vast and diverse audience of people who might be interested in attending.

About the author: Matthew is a journalist/digital marketing enthusiast with experience in content and social media marketing.

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