Warning! Ladies and gentlemen, there are just a few days remaining and 2019 will be over and done with, never to return again. If your new year’s resolution for this now expired year was to start a small business, we hope you have already gotten some traction on that endeavor.

If not, then we’re not here to hammer a hot nail into your wound by reminding you that there is no time left in as far as year 2019 is concerned. But guess what? You get another whole year to try again. So dust yourself up and get right back on that horse.

As Afrikagora, we strive on keeping you in the loop of new tips, and potential synergies options to scale up your hustle. Speaking of hustle, a new tip on how to start a small business popped up on our radar, and we thought it might be an interesting insight for anyone out to start a new hustle.

The tips in the below video tutorial by Victor from VeUnivers.com, is just not for someone who has tried starting a business and it later flopped. It is also for someone whose revenue is not where they wish it were, and if you already hitting your target. Hey, more is always good, right?

So click on the video below and listen to Victor dropping some gems to help you start a business that brings in some greens.

Ten business opportunities to consider as an African in the US

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