We are at that critical juncture of the calendar, the end of the year when you get an opportune chance to plan out the full four quarters for the year 2020. As we prepare to bid farewell to 2019, do yourself a favor and have a profound reflection on your finances in the passing year.

How do you make your money, how can you make more of it, and can you have multiple streams of income? Well, these are questions that Victor from VeUnivers.com is helping us answer.

You might remember Victor from the previous video presentation on How to Start a Small Business to Increase your Income in 2020. In Afrikagora’s feature today, Victor is expounding on the pros and cons of the four major ways people make income.

      • Employed – People getting paid regular paychecks and what are the pros and cons of this form of income.
      • Self-Employed – Individual running their own private business. Though the income may not be constant, self-employed individuals are their own boss and whatever decision they make goes.
      • Big Businesses – This form of business is often managed by a group of people who have pooled their money together to start a multinational company. They might have tens or thousands of employees working for them across different cities, countries, or continents.
      • Investors – These are individuals who let their money work for them. Think of Venture Capitalists (VCs) and Angel Investors like the Shark Tank, where people with money invest in other businesses for a share of the company’s stock.

In the video below, Victor takes us through the pros and cons of all the above four major ways of making money.

He also goes into detail on how you can diversify your sources of income if you are making income on any one of any of the four by adding two, three, or more streams of revenue. Without much further ado, click on the video below to listen to Victor dropping yet other gems.

Budgeting: A Path to Financial Freedom

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